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Willen OEM's echt ontwikkeling en productie uitbesteden?

Door: Jay Lelie, projectmanager REEF

The REEF-Shares-Knowledge seminar for the first time took place at the IGLUU  in Eindhoven. The seminar was organized by the Research & Development division of REEF. The topics of this evening were "Do OEMs really (still) want to outsource Development and Production?" and "The challenge of integrating standard solutions for multiple customers´.  The guest speakers of the evening were Bas Timmer and Geert van Birgelen, respectively director and system engineer manager at Frencken Engineering.

Mr. Timmer started his presentation with explaining that the last 5 years Mechatronic OEMs started looking for partners (System Suppliers) to outsource non-core subsystems/modules. These System Suppliers had to adjust and change so that they would be able to develop and produce the modules. Mr. Timmer explained that both OEMs and System Suppliers had ´to step up´ to a higher level in order to monitor these outsourced developments. The challenges encountered were that most OEMs were not ready, because they were often not set up to monitor the outsourced developments. Also a change has taken place that resulted in System Suppliers have improved and adapted, so they can effectively support OEMs with respect to development. And OEMs have adapted their organization, so they can specify and monitor their outsourced developments. This resulted in that OEMs now more frequently outsource the development of their modules.

Mr. van Birgelen presented ´The challenge of integrating standard solutions for multiple customers´. In this presentation he used as example of the development a full intergraded patient table. During this  development a number of challenges occurred. These challenged had to do with electrical interfacing, cable routing for external equipment and the different specifications by every customer.

Mr. Timmer and Mr. van Birgelen both stated that they preferred an interactive evening and invited everyone to join in with questions, remarks and comments. Although it took a little while before the first question was asked, the evening became quite interactive with questions and discussions. During the brake halfway through the seminar and during the drinks afterwards, discussions on the topic were continued. Therefore we can conclude that the objective to share knowledge was certainly achieved and appreciated by the participants.

However interesting the topic was, the evening was not all about science. It was a mixed audience with representatives of different companies and universities, project specialists working for REEF and also specialists orientating themselves on the job market looking for a new opportunity to start or to make the next step in their career. Due to the informal setting and common interest people found each other very easily. Networking opportunities were ample and the last guests didn’t leave until about 10:30 o’clock.

We believe the seminar was a great success, both from a knowledge sharing perspective as from a networking perspective and we hope you did too!
We look forward to see you at our next REEF-Shares-Knowledge seminar.

Bas TimmerBas Timmer

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