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Technological challenges in the semiconductor lithography market

Door: Bardo Knapen


This time the REEF-Shares-Knowledge seminar took place again at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven. The seminar was organized by the Research & Development division of REEF. The topic of this evening was Technological Challenges in Semiconductor Lithography by Drs. Ir. Ramin Badie. Ramin is a Senior Research Manager within ASML with an impressive track record in coaching technical professionals, talent and competence management and in strategic decision making innovative research.


Guest speaker: Ramin Badie, ASML

Ramin Badie - ASML - spreker REEF-deelt-kennisbijeenkomst 20 februariDr. Ramin Badie started his industrial career at Philips Research after acquiring his MSc. diploma Cum Laude and his PhD in the field of Fluid Dynamics of Turbomachinery from the University of Twente. He has 20 years of experience in industrial applications and innovative research in the areas of Lighting, Display Components, Inkjet Printers, Domestic Appliances and Personal Care, Immersion and Extreme UV Lithography. The last 14 years he has been in many managerial roles actively contributing to creation of value in high tech industries and academic environment. In this position he is also intensively co-operating with academia and in particular the three Dutch Technical Universities in setting up programs and workshops in the area of fluid flow and thermal control and their applications.



Technological challenges in the semiconductor lithography market




Mr. Badie started that his goals of the evening were to share some general knowledge on the subject of projection lithography in the semiconductor industry from the standpoint of an ASML employee. Thereby the Importance of engineering approach combined with academic knowledge in high tech industry and some personal thoughts on the successes of ASML and its way of working in the lithography market. The presentation started how micro-chips today have a great influence on our day to day lives. Driven by  Moore’s Statement, the number of transistors per chip doubles every year (later adjusted to two years), the trend has held for more than four decades.

After explaining the rise of the lithography machine, the challenges that occurred during the development of the current ASLM machines, Dr. Badie explained the difficulties and challenges ahead and the future of lithography; Extreme UV Lithography.

The evening became quite interactive with questions and discussions about lithography, the current R&D market in the Netherlands and the impact of the development lithography machines have on the local system-suppliers inASML Eindhoven.  During the brake halfway through the seminar and during the drinks afterwards, discussions on the topics were continued. With proud we therefore conclude that the objective to share knowledge was certainly achieved and appreciated by the participants.

However interesting the topic was, the evening was not all about science. It was a mixed public with representatives of different companies and universities, project specialists working for REEF and also specialists orienting themselves on the job market looking for new opportunities to start or to make the next step in their career. Due to the informal setting and common interest people found each other easily. Networking opportunities were ample and the last guests didn’t leave until about 10:00 o’clock.

We believe the seminar was a success, both from a knowledge sharing perspective as from a networking perspective and we hope you did too!

We look forward to see you at our next REEF-Shares-Knowledge seminar.

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