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Intellectual property

27 juni jl. vond wederom een inspirerende REEF-deelt-kennisbijeenkomst plaats op de High-Tech Campus in Eindhoven. Voor de divisie research and development werd de bijeenkomst “Intellectual Property" verzorgd door Luc Smeets, trainee Patent Attorney en Peter Simoons, directeur Simoons & Company.

Every researcher is confronted by the question whether or not to publish his/her results when an new discovery has been done. The main questions to ask is: “Is it worthwhile to file a patent on my new discovery?” How do you know the answer to this question and what is necessary to do to get a filed patent granted? All of these questions are very relevant to any scientist working in industrial and academic R&D, however most scientist are unfamiliar with the answers. The REEF-Shares-Knowledge event gave the answers to these questions.

REEF considers sharing knowledge and working together the most important ingredient to structural collaborations. However, sharing knowledge by sharing your discoveries is generally not encouraged in industry since the main stream strategies are focussed on being the first one to claim a discovery and therefore being the one to be able to bring the discovery to the market and thereby making money out of it. However, Strategic Alliances allow partners to share knowledge and discoveries and by working together they actually outrun their competitors and get a major strategic and/or financial advantage in the market. During the second part of the evening the participants learned know how these companies make it work by sharing and how can we apply their experiences to our own day-to-day work and life.

Luc Smeets, spreker REEF deelt kennis op 27 juniLuc Smeets holds a Master degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Entrepreneurship from VU University Amsterdam. After his studies he worked several years at the patent department of a Dutch pharmaceutical company. He advised the research and development department and customers in patent matters worldwide. At this time Luc also started his study to become a European Patent Attorney.
At the beginning of 2012, Luc joined the company Patentwerk where he currently works as a Trainee Patent Attorney. Recently, Luc finished his last exam and the expectation is that he will be a fully certified European Patent Attorney starting from August.

Patentwerk is a patent office that provides and enforces patent
protection in the whole world. They serve both Dutch and foreign clients, including a number of international enterprises quoted on the international stock exchanges. As an ISO 9001 quality certified organization Patentwerk takes the time to properly inform its clients and to assist in the management of patent portfolios.

As Trainee Patent Attorney Luc has been involved in many of the activities of Patentwerk. Since Luc just finished his studies, he is up to date with the most recent advances in the field of patent law and can thereby answer all your questions on this topic. During this interactive evening Luc expl
ained to us the difference between a new discovery and an invention. He took us on a journey from invention to patent and thereby demonstrating how a Patent Attorney will help you translate your new invention, not only into a patent, but into a good patent.

Peter Simoons, spreker REEF deelt kennis op 27 juniAlliances are an increasing important strategic way to help organizations grow. In 1998 Yves Doz and Gary Hamel already wrote “No Company can go it alone” as the opening statement of their book “Alliance Advantage”. Today this is more applicable than ever.

Since Doz and Hamel wrote their book, much has happened in the world. Communication technologies have increased reachability and the world has become flatter than even Thomas Friedman anticipated. China is virtually next-door nowadays. Driven by the economic challenges of the past six years, companies have become more careful with investments and reluctant with acquisitions.

These developments combined bring both new competition and new opportunities that you would probably not have expected even five years ago. When nowadays asking the question “make, buy, or ally?” regarding a growth strategy, the alliance option might be more viable then ever.

Are alliances an option for every growth question?
In his presentation “Introduction to valuable strategic alliances” Peter gave an answer to that question. Highlighted by actual examples Peter talked about what strategic alliances are and explained the basics of a successful approach for creating valuable alliances.

Peter is a strategic alliance coach who built his experience and expertise while working for 25 years in partnerships, alliances and new business development. He is the principal of Simoons & Company, an Amsterdam based consultancy that facilitates successful partnerships and strategic alliances between organizations by providing coaching, training and interim management.

Peter is a Certified Strategic Alliance Professional (CSAP) and Chairman of the Benelux chapter of ASAP, the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals. Simoons & Company is an ASAP Education Provider Charter Partner.

Kortom, we kijken terug op een inspirerende avond met een heldere boodschap voor iedere professional die te maken krijgt met intellectual property. Wilt u meer weten over dit onderwerp of in gesprek gaan met de spreker, neem dan contact op met Sander van der Maat, projectmanager research and development, via telefoonnummer 040 29 46 888 of per e-mail: s.vandermaat@reefbv.nl

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