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This REEF-Shares-Knowledge seminar took place at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven. The seminar was organized by the Research & Development division of REEF. The topic of this evening was micro fluidics and its application in lab-on-a-chip technology for diagnostic applications. After welcoming the guests speaker of the evening, Jaap den Toonder, chief technologist at Philips Research and professor at Eindhoven University of Technology was introduced. Jaap is a specialists on micro fluidics research and applications. 

REEF deelt kennis: lab on a chip technology for diagnostic applicationsJaap started his presentation by stating that he preferred an interactive evening and invited everyone to join in with questions, remarks and comments. After explaining what micro fluidics is he elaborated on the uses and (possible) applications of micro fluidics. Also the challenges encountered using micro fluidics were mentioned. One of these challenges was discussed in more detail: mixing of different fluid flows. A new technique using ‘Cilia’ was explained and recent research results were presented.

Although it took a little while before the first question was asked, the evening became quite interactive with questions and discussions about micro fluidics, the applications and possibilities now and in the future. During the brake halfway through the seminar and during the drinks afterwards, discussions on the topic were continued. With proud we therefore conclude that the objective to share knowledge was certainly achieved and appreciated by the participants.
REEF deelt kennis: lab on a chip technology for diagnostic applicationsHowever interesting the topic was, the evening was not all about science. It was a mixed public with representatives of different companies and universities, project specialists working with REEF and also specialists orienting themselves on the job market looking for a new opportunity to start or to make the next step in their career. Due to the informal setting and common interest in micro fluidics people found each other easily. Networking opportunities were ample and the last guests didn’t leave until about 10:00 o’clock.

We believe the seminar was a success, both from a knowledge sharing perspective as from a networking perspective and we hope you did too!
We look forward to see you at our next REEF-Shares-Knowledge seminar.

Jaap den Toonder, Chief technologist at Philips Research and professor at Eindhoven University of Technology

REEF deelt kennis - Jaap den ToonderJaap den Toonder studied Applied Mathematics at Delft University of Technology and got his Master's degree in 1991 (cum laude). He received a PhD degree (cum laude) from the same university in 1996 on a numerical/theoretical and experimental study of drag reduction in turbulent flows by polymer additives. In 1995, he joined the Philips Research Laboratories in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. He has worked on a wide variety of applications, such as ceramic capacitors, optical storage systems, IC low-k materials, RF MEMS, soft electronics, biomedical devices, polymer MEMS, and micro-fluidics.

Since 2008, as Chief Technologist, he is responsible for the R&D program on (micro-)fluidics. He is involved in research projects on in-vitro diagnostics, lab-on-chip, immersion lithography, and energy applications.  Since 2004, Jaap den Toonder combines his work at Philips with a part-time professorship at the Materials Technology group of the University of Technology of Eindhoven. His current main academic research interests are micro-fluidics in general, mechanical properties of1 biological cells, controlling and analyzing biological processes in microfluidic chips, nature-inspired fluidic micro-actuators and the use of magnetic particles in micro-fluidic systems.  Jaap den Toonder is a co-author of over 60 scientific papers, as well as a co-inventor of over 40 patent applications.

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