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Constant development

REEF is specialized in the execution of projects. Whether these be bounded projects or directive ones. We like to look in a broad context and see connections between processes and desired outcomes. This, combined with our extensive experience with numerous clients, we see needs that arise within different organisations. To enhance our services, we are constantly developing services that meet those needs.

REEF counsels, primary legal advice

An example of this is REEF counsels. Both the business and governments know legal rights and obligations. As a logical consequence that both legal staff and the specialists get to deal with legal questions that require a warranted answer or treatment to avoid risky situations and precious consequences as much as possible. Legal experts or specialists do not always have the immediate answer to questions you might have. Some questions will take more time to answer correctly. Saving time and knowledge for you by our legal experts, is the existence of the platform REEF gives advice.

REEF customer management, experienced client managers and residential counselors directly available.

A different service based on our experiences with housing corporations. All housing corporations have regular need for specialty projects to give substance to the customer management function or housing consultant. Sometimes for a longer period of time, but more often for short periods. Experience within the organisation is often a requirement.
Based on experience, REEF concludes that there are project specialists with the right personal skills in the market, but that there is a lack of organizational and job-specific experience in the respective housing. To meet the need and have the right person available directly, we developed REEF customer management, a partnership between REEF and housing corporations.