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From bounded projects to directive project management

Projects fit REEF like a glove. By defining and recording conditions such as content, requirements, delivery date and cost in a project agreement, we set clear frameworks. Subsequently we take care of the full implementation. Preferably at your location. This way we can implement your system and keep the lines short. REEF takes responsibility for the projects within your organisation. This way you can concentrate on your core business. And as such excel in your area of expertise.

Can’t the conditions be determined? Do you have to deal with peaks in resource management? Or do you want to have the overall responsibility? Then project management based on control is the solution. We define the project together and discuss the needs and required skills. REEF’s project specialism takes care of all the rest. By deploying the right professionals, using a smart approach and a maintaining a continuous transfer of knowledge we come to the promised success. Entirely in line with your vision and strategy.