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REEF CM for knowledge, skills and competencies

REEF project specialists draw up a personal development process. REEF offers the resources to support this development process. Personal growth is a core element. REEF Career Management offers insight into the level of knowledge, skills and competencies. Competencies that not only guarantee development in the current project, but also offer prospects for growth in the next project via REEF. REEF offers training and education via REEF CM where needed and offers proof of competence levels through a diploma.

To get the best deal REEF has a relation with BOOST training. BOOST provides training courses in a group on issues that all project specialists encounter in a similar function. BOOST also organizes training courses which are a personal and individual development route, fully focused on the competence and / or skills that the project specialist wants to develop or improve. The approach is refreshing, practical and purposeful with a clear focus on the result.

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